We encourage all volunteers to be vaccinated.

We have many volunteer opportunities a few days before Thanksgiving with food prep as well as after the Mobile Turkey Unit is completed, with cleanup. You may choose to deliver meals to homes and workplaces, or you may wish to help with working the food line or help with packaging and logistics.

We are very appreciative of all of our volunteers.  Your safety this year is paramount to our community.  Therefore, we will be following all protocols mandated by the Governor, Health Department, and the facility where we are working as well as all food safety regulations. This includes wearing masks, social distancing of at least 6 feet, proper hand washing, etc.  We want you to feel safe if you feel that you can assist us this year.  We will be working in two different locations for food preparations so that we never exceed the limit of people gathering at any one time.  Please check the schedule carefully in choosing a task that you would like to volunteer to help us with.

To comply with all Covid-19 protocols, we ask all volunteers to:

  • Check your temperature before leaving home to volunteer.  If your temperature is elevated, please remain at home.
  • If you have any other symptoms associated with Covid-19, please remain at home.
  • Take a shower the morning you will be working and make sure you wear clean clothing.
  • Be prepared to wear a mask during your volunteer time.  No exceptions can be accommodated.

If you are planning to be a delivery driver, please see the special directions below regarding the safety precautions being taken.


2021 Volunteer Schedule


Monday Nov 22, 2021

St. Hubert Catholic Church
Cranberry Sauce 9-11 am FILLED
Turkey slicing 12-1 pm FILLED
Turkey slicing 3-4 pm FILLED


Langley United Methodist Church
Potato peeling 9-11 am FILLED
Turkey slicing 12-1 pm FILLED
Potato peeling 1:30-3:30 FILLED
Turkey slicing 3-4 pm FILLED


Tuesday Nov 23, 2021

St. Hubert Catholic Church
Turkey slicing 12-1 pm FILLED
Pie slicing 1:30-3:30 pm FILLED
Turkey slicing 3:30-4:30 pm FILLED


Langley United Methodist Church
Rolls, butter & utensils 9-11 am FILLED
Turkey slicing 12-1 pm FILLED
Turkey slicing 3:30-4:30 pm FILLED


Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

South Whidbey Elementary School – South Campus
Servers 12-4 PM FILLED
Packers 12-4 PM FILLED
Runners 12-4 PM FILLED
Zone Inspectors 12-4 PM FILLED


Thursday Nov 25, 2021

South Whidbey Elementary Schools
Delivery drivers 8:30 am Deliveries from Greenbank to Coupeville – FILLED
Delivery drivers 9:00 am Deliveries from Freeland to Coupeville – FILLED
Delivery drivers 9:30 am Deliveries from Freeland to Clinton – FILLED
Delivery drivers
Delivery drivers
10:00 am
10:30 am
Deliveries from Freeland to Clinton – FILLED
Deliveries from Freeland to Clinton –  FILLED



  • If you are carving turkeys, packaging rolls and butter, cutting and packaging pies, or packaging cranberry sauce; you will be required to wear gloves, an apron and a hairnet (and NO jewelry including rings, bracelets, watches etc.) as required by Health Department regulations. These items will be provided. WEAR SHORT SLEEVES.
  • All volunteers must wear a mask at all times and practice social distancing. The timing and number of slots open this year for all tasks have carefully been planned to allow for social distancing.  If you are volunteering with a member of your household, you will be allowed to work together at one table.  Otherwise, everyone will be working independently.
  • Drivers should refer to the Drivers Information 2021 for more information on safety precautions being planned this year.
  • Regretfully, no children will be allowed to accompany you this year as we are limited to the number of people that may be in either church at one time.

Mobile Turkey Unit 2021 Drivers Information

Thank you for volunteering to drive and deliver meals for us in these unusual times we are all facing. Following are some key items that you need to be aware of this year versus last yer as the location has changed.


  • All drivers or driver teams will be assigned specific times to arrive at South Whidbey Elementary School to pick up the meals. Additionally, this year we ask that you sign up for the time slot for the area of the island that you are willing to deliver to.  The address is 5380 Maxwelton Road, Langley, WA 98249 north of 525.  Please enter the school off of Maxwelton Road and turn into the north “buses only” lane.  There will be a sign on Maxwelton pointing to the driveway.  Follow the curve around so that all drivers can be checked in before receiving meals for delivery.  See the maps below for more information.


  • All drivers and passengers must arrive wearing a mask to receive meals to deliver.
  • Deliveries will be by zones just as they have been in the past.
  • Depending on the number of driver volunteers and meal orders we get this year we may have more meals per driver team that need to be delivered.
  • You will be directed to the loading zone where you will be given the meals for delivery. All Mobile Turkey Unit personnel will be in a mask during this process.
  • If you ordered a volunteer meal(s), let us know your name right away and we will make sure you get those meals also.
  • We will ask you to either pop the trunk or the rear hatch on your vehicle so that we can load them inside for you to maintain the six (6) foot social distancing requirement in place. Please do not exit your vehicle during the loading process. We will remove the maps from the bags and hand them to you through the window so you can plan your route. When you exit the school grounds you can turn right or left onto Maxwelton, depending on your route.
  • Note that some deliveries may be for more than one bag. Please pay close attention to this detail and ensure that all bags for one address are delivered. See the example below for the information that will be on a bag if there is more than one bag per address. Also note any special instructions on the tags like the example below that states to knock loudly.
  • When you arrive at the address for the delivery please do the following;
    1. With a mask on, one person should exit the vehicle and take the bag(s) to the door.
    2. Set the bag(s) on the front porch, ring the doorbell or knock on the door and back up a minimum of six (6) feet away from the door.
    3. Wait for the recipient to answer the door to insure they know the meal has been delivered and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving from Mobile Turkey Unit.
  • If you cannot find the location, or no one is home call the phone number on the card you will be given when you check in at the School Thursday morning.
  • Occasionally some people want to give the drivers money or thank you cards as a token of their appreciation. Unfortunately, this cannot take place this year, but if they insist, ask them to contact the Mobile Turkey Unit after Thursday for instructions on how to accomplish this. The website information is here. mobileturkeyunit.com

Thank you in advance for volunteering to help us out this year, it is very much appreciated by all of us involved, especially the meal recipients. We truly appreciate you and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

**2021 – All volunteer positions have been filled.  We have so much gratitude to our volunteers for giving of your time to serve our community!

Please contact our volunteer coordinator Paul Morris at MTUVolunteers@whidbey.com  with any questions.

In consultation with the Island County Health Department, all food will be delivered cold.